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Summer Residency Program

The Center for Book and Paper Arts each summer provides for a single  two-week artist residency, intended to provide time, facilities and assistance for specific projects. The residency includes accommodations and an honorarium.

For information on applying for the 2011 Summer Residency, please contact Jessica Cochran, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs

Click here to download the Summer Residency Application PDF.


2010 Resident Artist Kate McQuillen
June 14 – 25, 2010

Ocean of Storms

Ocean of Storms

The series of photographs produced at Columbia Center for Book and Paper Arts will present a revised story of the moon landing. In this version, the mission goal of Apollo 11 was not to collect scientific data, but instead to determine if there was intelligent life on the moon.

This landing will be depicted with imagery of phenomena and mechanics that we know cannot exist or function on the moon, such as tornadoes and astronauts using firearms. Through the absurdities of the scenarios, and the particular use of American symbols of power (natural and man-made), I will point to what I consider to be the deep-seated desires within the U.S. space program: the American drive of Manifest Destiny, and the dream to find that we are not alone in the universe.
-Kate McQuillen

Kate McQuillen is a Chicago-based artist working mainly in print and installation. Her interests lie in ideas of American technology and how machines and technology have been perceived as both a positive force of progress and as a negative force of destruction and immorality. McQuillen received an MFA in Visual Art from York University in 2009, and has spent the last year working at residencies in Michigan, Toronto, Belgium, and Chicago.

Source: www.katemcquillen.com

2009 Resident Artist Ben Durham

Ben Durham

Ben Durham, of Midway, Kentucky, was selected as our 2009 resident artist. His project, an expansion of his current text/portrait drawings, incorporated pulp painting on handmade paper.

Artist’s Statement:
Since 2002 I have been making paper and using it almost exclusively as the working surface for my large-scale drawings.

My work is based primarily on mug-shot images of childhood friends, classmates, and co-workers (taken from the Lexington, KY online public records database). In the time since I knew them, their lives have become marked my crime, addiction, and violence. Struggling to remember and preserve my experiences, following backward into the past from the found mug-shot, begins a process of storytelling that is written into the piece itself.
My work is composed entirely of handwritten text. Written out and layered letter by letter in graphite, the memories and stories build the tonal features of the face onto the textured surface of the handmade paper.