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Here at the Center we are well aware that your mailbox is full of catalogs and letters from all your favorite zoos, museums, homeless shelters and youth outreach programs, all asking you to remember them with your generous denotations. And so we here at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts humbly beseech you to do two things: One, write a check to an organization that helps people who are in need of shelter, food, safety, and succor. And two, write a check to the Center, to help us bring the arts of the book, printing, and papermaking to people.

Why? Because once people have shelter, food and all the rest of it, they need art. Art is not a luxury; art is the language of freedom, the physical manifestation of thought, the philosophy of beauty. Here at the Center we work hard to create a place where artists can learn, exchange ideas, experiment, and play. We work to present exciting paper and book art that no one else in Chicago is exhibiting, so that people can come and delight in it, and think about it, and possibly be inspired by it.

The Aiko Fellowship

The Aiko Fellowship is an endowed fellowship which honors Aiko Nakane, who delighted and nourished the imaginations of artists for three decades at her wonderful paper and art materials store, Aiko’s. The Aiko Fellowship is given yearly to an MFA graduate student in the Book & Paper subdivision of the Interdisciplinary Arts Department in order to encourage artists, as Mrs. Nakane did for so many years. All the contributions we receive for the Aiko Fellowship are invested, and the award itself comes from the endowment’s interest, so even modest sums will grow and help graduate students for years to come.

The Equipment Fund

The Center has been able to buy some very important additions for our studios, through the generosity of our donors. Nothing brings more joy to the hearts of papermakers, printers, and bookbinders faster than a donation to the Equipment Fund. The Equipment Fund, or Beater Fund as we like to call it, enables us to buy the tools we need, maintain the tools we have, and procure that little extra something that we don’t really need, but would like to have. You help us to do the things we love to do and make our studios better for you!