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2007 Exhibitions

Papel Mexicano

Papel Mexicano

November 2 – December 15, 2007

The art of paper in Mexico is uniquely ingenious, artistic and varied. Spindly paper maché skeletons and toy skulls are part of Mexico’s everyday iconography. While these images can appear surreal or frightening to an outsider, they are just a part of the religious and cultural symbols that identify the lively arts of Mexico. Exotic winged creatures with long tongues that emerge from open mouths, a plethora of painted masks, papel picado and amate ritual figures are some of the visual curiosities included in Papel Mexicano. With the help of members of Columbia’s Latino Alliance, the contributions of Chicago’s Mexican Americans will also execute a Dia de los Muertos altar to honor the papermaker and scholar Dard Hunter, one of the pioneers of 20th century papermaking in America.

Reading, Writing & ‘rithmetic

Reading, Writing & 'rithmetic

September 14 – October 27, 2007

Before television, before video games and before Sesame Street, we learned the basic 3 r’s in a simpler way. This exhibition looks at writing manuals going back all the way to the seventeenth century, early readers and spellers, flash-cards and alphabet books, math and geometry tomes from the turn-of-the-century, all what are now thought of as “ancient” learning tools. Dick & Jane invite you to see why the state of education is in such turmoil today.

It’s All in the Fold – More Than Just Origami

Its All in the Fold

July 28-Aug 25, 2007
Extended through August 29th!

The exhibition takes a world look at the way paper transforms itself when folded. More than only to amuse, origami today also teaches mathematics, and geometry. It’s more than just cranes and duckies. Try tessellations or tetrahedrons, dodecahedrons and other polygons. Origamic furniture, folded paper lamps, airplanes and a few naughty folds are all on the horizon. Chicago & national Origami artists and teachers will amaze you with the dexterity of their folds.

Action/Interaction: Book/Art

Action/Interaction: Book/Art

May 26 – July 7, 2007

Held in conjunction with the book arts conference Action/Interaction: Book/Art at the Center, this juried exhibition is a survey of contemporary work from centers of book arts around the country, and provides a source of discussion for conference participants. In the desire to represent a broad range and artistic depth, the Center has invited individual institutions/organizations in the U.S. to select compelling, cutting-edge work that exemplifies the strength of the current artists’ book work in that region, encouraging an innovative interpretation of “the book.”

Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Exhibition

Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Exhibition

Exhibition: April 27 – May 18, 2007
Opening: Friday, April 27, 5:30 – 8:00

The M.F.A. Book & Paper Thesis show is noted for its high level of craft, concept and overall artistry. The definition of what a book is and does, is stretched to its furthest extremes. From the traditional to the most innovative, from installation to the very intimate, the exhibition will be the culmination of the students’ three-year work in the program. This exhibition will feature work of Renee Bair, Jen Blair, Jenny Kim, Mark Moroney, Lani Shembrimai Schuster, Lisa Switalski and Isaac Williams.

With the installations of the M.A. students, Young Kim engages fiber in a sculptural way, Lisle Mitnik’s includes images along with original music and Jamie Rey will provide a photo booth along with self portraits all dealing with narcissism.

Before and After

Exhibition: March 6 -March 19, 2007

This retrospective exhibition represents the culmination of a two year project of collaborative work. A state-wide call for entry was completed, artists were chosen, they submitted proposal drawings and completed the work at PAPER PRESS and their own studios, and received an honorarium. The Jurors were Michael Dunbar and Hollis Seigler. The traveling exhibition took place in 1989. This program was funded by the Illinois Arts Council and City Arts.

To quote Marilyn Sward who spear-headed the whole process: The chance to share my passion– papermaking–with unsuspecting fellow artists and watch them enjoy and expand the medium to meet their needs was a very special opportunity given to us by the Illinois Arts Council. The work in this exhibit is a tribute to the experience. The memory is alive and well.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturdays

Graphic Reality – Mexican Painting Today

Exhibition: January 13 – February 24, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, January 12, 5:30 – 7:30

Graphic Reality – Mexican Painting Today

Curated by Artimeo Rodriguez of La Mano Press, GRAPHIC REALITY gathers seven of the best contemporary Mexican printmakers. Each one of these artists has an important role in revitalizing and promoting the graphic arts throughout Mexico and the United States. They are also credited with creating a unique graphic universe, and in some cases, a new school or wave of art in Mexico, where the graphic art tradition has always been strong. Artists represented: Marcelo Balzaretti, Silvia Capistren, Mizraim Cerdenas, Demien Flores, Oscar Camilo de las Flores, Verónica Gómez, Rogelio Gutiérrez, Darío Ramírez, Joel Rendón, Artemio Rodríguez, José Hugo Sánchez, Cesar Alberto Chávez Victoria. These artists reside in various states in Mexico and in Los Angeles, CA. The exhibition is sponsored by the International Print Center New York.

Off the Grid

The title of the exhibition Off the Grid, refers to graphic designs that use a free-style visual approach, rather than the traditional vertical/horizontal axis method. While the range of aesthetics in Off the Grid is broad, nearly all of the work is exclusively text and letterform based. The printing processes in Off the Grid range from letterpress printing to digital reproduction. The artists represented in Off the Grid exploit the illustrative and graphic possibilities inherent in letterforms. If the work of the graphic designer is to deliver a message to the public, the messages in Off the Grid are brought with supreme creativity and style. This exciting exhibition is a national sampling of the most original printed work today.