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2006 Exhibitions

Exalted Trash

Exalted trash

Patrick Miceli and Marc Fischer/Bruno Richard

Exhibition: October 7 – December 9, 2006
Private Opening: Friday, October 6, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Paper is cheap, abundant and disposed of almost too easily. Patrick Miceli deals with fast food packaging one of the most pervasive uses of our culture’s use of this resource. As such, it is a relic left in the wake of our consumer society. Each of four installations use their own format or strategy to take recognizable materials and recontextualize them. Each scrap of paper can be seen as an archeological keepsake or fetish item.

Paris-based artist Bruno Richard has been publishing books and magazines of graphic drawings, text and photo-based work since the late 1970s. He and Marc Fischer, Chicago-based artist and member of the groups, Temporary Services and Mess Hall, have engaged in mail correspondence since 1998, resulting in a mountainous barrage of detritus that Fischer has received from Richard. Fischer’s archives of Richard’s multitudinous mailed packages have swelled beyond reason. The scraps of paper that provide the source material for Richard’s work, give the impression of a manic energy. This is, however, a controlled concern with one’s obsessions; an aesthetic contrivance that has not lost its authenticity.

  • Marc Fischer will give a gallery talk at the private opening at 6:00 PM
  • Patrick Miceli will give a lecture regarding his work, on November 17th. at 6:30 PM
  • Marc Fischer will again give a gallery talk on Friday, December 8th. at 6:30 PM


A Movable Feast – Pop-ups, Volvelles, Tunnels, Flaps and other Movable Books

A Movable Feast

Exhibition: August 12 – September 23, 2006
Private Opening: Friday, August 11, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Movable books of one kind or another have been traced back as far as the thirteenth century. While these very early books were used for teaching purposes it was not until the eighteenth century that they were designed to amuse and entertain, particularly for children. However the phenomena as we know it today really started in the late nineteenth century. The number of designers and artists who are involved in the production of popups and books of that genre today are many, and all have roots back to those early mechanicals.

This exhibition is drawn from a number of important private collections spotlighting many of the “heroes” in the field, of both yesterday and today. A large portion is devoted to the work of the very influential Czech artist and paper engineer Vojtech Kubašta who is credited as the inspiration of many of the “pop-up people” out there today. The show is being held in conjunction with the biennial meeting of the Movable Book Society, this year in Chicago.

3rd National Collegiate Juried Handmade Paper Exhibition + The Postcard Art Competition/Exhibition

Exhibition: June 29 – July 29, 2006
Private Opening: Friday, June 29, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

2006 Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Thesis Exhibition

  • Maria C.H. Burke
  • Aaron Kohl
  • Aimee Lee
  • Elisabeth Long
  • Sara Loosen Otto
  • Mardy Sears
  • Ami Trosley.

Exhibition: April 28 – May 19, 2006.
Opening: Friday, April 28, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Without a doubt, the Center for Book & Paper Arts has produced some of the finest thesis and professional exhibitions that Columbia College has to offer. We are proud to present Part Two of the 2006 MFA graduates from the Interdisciplinary Arts program. The MFA Book & Paper Thesis show is noted for its high level of craft, concept and overall artistry. The definition of what a book is and does is stretched to its furthest extremes. A fourteen-foot tower of handmade paper bricks, a celestial dome maps the stories of the night sky and a series of embroidered topologies that document the American experience are just part of this beautiful and, oftentimes, moving aesthetic cavalcade of artists books.

2006 Interdisciplinary Arts & Media Thesis Exhibition

  • Elizabeth Czekner
  • David J. Greene
  • Bridget Kies
  • Imants Ozers
  • Claudette Roper
  • Dan Schwarzlose
  • Valerie Taglieri
  • Elizabeth Wuerffel

Exhibition: March 31- April 20, 2006.
Opening: Friday, March 31, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

The Interdisciplinary Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago is presenting its MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media Thesis Show at the Book & Paper Center.

The Interdisciplinary Arts Department’s unique curriculum urges students to cross pollinate with a number of art disciplines in order to come up with new and unexpected art forms. Video, sound installation, food and airport travel are all a part of the visual, aural, and edible mix provided in this exceptional and thoughtful graduate thesis exhibition.

Politics On Paper: Global Tragedies/Personal Perils

  • Eric Avery
  • John Risseeuw
  • Robbin Ami Silverberg

Exhibition: January 13 – March 11, 2006.
Opening: Friday, January 27, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Politics on Paper is an exhibition of work by three artists devoted to important global and personal causes who document their humanitarian efforts, ideas and outrage through art works on paper.

From Art to Zine

  • Enrique Chagoya
  • Chicago Zines
  • Rubberstampland

Exhibition: November 4 – December 17, 2005
Opening: Friday, November 4, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

from Art to Zine is an exhibition of rants and raves. It represents the voices of the sane and the shouts of the “inmates”. From the meticulously crafted political art books of Enrique Chagoya to the do-it-yourself rubber stamp art that pervades the ‘zine’ culture, this exhibition broadens our expectations of how alt-journalism influences culture and the visual language of political art.

The Chicago zine movement has been thumbing its nose at the established publishing world since the ’60s. from Art to Zine is a comprehensive exhibition of the political, literary, artistic and music-related works that are unique to the zine culture. from Art to Zine includes major contributions from the personal archives of Anne Elizabeth Moore, Managing Editor of Punk Planet.

Mexican American artist, Enrique Chagoya’s accordion books and prints are visual, revisionist timelines told by the victors of wars. Historic accounts are erased, destroyed or buried. Chagoya’s histories are invented to justify a new reality dictated by tyrants and fools. Chagoya’s work is meant to be a commentary on how our world is shaped and perceived.

Rubberstampland, is a selection of Italian-American artist Picasso Gaglione’s work involving rubber stamps. An important medium in the fields of Mail Art and Zine culture, printmaking using the rubber stamp reflects Gaglione’s interest in DADA, Italian Futurism, Russian Constructivism, Fluxus and “art for the people.”

Stand and Deliver

Engineering Sculpture into a Book Format

Exhibition: September 16 – October 28, 2005.
Opening: Friday, September 16, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Stand and Deliver is a traveling exhibit that features 50 handmade books as art objects. The exhibit is divided into three categories that show how books can be shaped, unfolded, or engineered to present a three-dimensional approach to bookmaking.

Three Categories

  • Intriguing Shapes: A birthday cake, a ukulele, a handcrafted lunchbox and iron – each book is a sculptural object. Subjects are as varied as the digging of a well, the renting of a house, the making of a sail. Unusual forms are defined by content and, in many cases, serve as metaphors for personal events in the artists’ lives.
  • Revealing Folds: These are books of transformation. Pages burst from ingenious containers or elegant covers and evolve into complex three-dimensional sculptural shapes.
  • Uplifting Pages: Densely exuberant or elegantly spare, whimsical, poetical, historical, political – these books really pop! Towers and bridges stand, dioramas of modern myth rise up, and sculpture lifts off pages to embody a message. As text and image become dimension, ideas soar.

4th International Book & Paper Triennial

Exhibition: July 15 – August 27, 2005.
Opening: Friday, July 15, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Seventy-one of the most interesting works in the book arts field produced in the last three years will be shown in this international, juried exhibition. Letterpress printed books, broadsides, artists’ books, book objects, sculptural paper, pulp painting and altered books make for a very exciting exhibition.

Pods that rattle, or reveal starship logs. “Big Mamas” as books. An artists’ book made with that obsolete communicator: the typewriter. Books that cannot be opened, books about the celestial, and books that deal with hatred. Paper with architectural ramifications and paper involving barking dogs. All can be observed and enjoyed.

The Gallery at Columbia Book & Paper Center
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Gallery hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,
Monday through Saturday.

We welcome visits from school and community groups; please call the Center to arrange a time for your class or group to view the exhibits.